Apollo Solar Street Light

The Apollo Solar Street light is a modern and compact solar lighting system. The battery and the led unit is housed in a specially formed arm that has a length of up to 1.4m. The Apollo is suitable for lighting streets, parking bays & general outdoor areas.

Autonomy:Up to 5 days (depending on applied dimming)

Led light:5W-30W 180lm/w, dimmable, IP67 – IP68, light colours (2200K – 6500K), choice of lenses & light beams.

Battery:LifePO4 (Other options available)

Solar power:60 - 120Wp

Pole height2.5 - 4.5m


Precise Solar Lighting

The solar street light has come a long way since its invention. It is now an amazing piece of technology that is used across the world for all kinds of applications. It’s even been used to illuminate homes in remote areas, which would have never been possible before, and the best part is that it’s extremely easy to install!

No Maintenance

Solar street lights can be a great investment. There are many benefits to buying solar street lights, such as no exterior cables or wiring, drastically reducing maintenance costs and much more.


It can provide sustainable light for those who do not have access to power lines & is the best way to light up your surroundings with minimal environmental impact.

Enclosed Battery

This solar street light is made of certified materials to ensure the reliability and safety of the product. It has very good modularity to allow different configurations of the solar street light. The design is robust, with an integrated battery enclosure for reduced installation costs and security.

Many municipalities have been implementing automated solar street lights. In due course, it will be the norm to have solar street lights in every street of every city. All these solar street lights are equipped with high-grade solar panels and reliable LED ballasts, which ensures an energy-efficient lighting system.

Bespoke Solar Lights

We customize solar street lights tailored to your needs. Below are some optional extra features that can be included in our existing solar light models. If your requirements are not listed then please let us know.

Remote control icon d
Remote Control

Wirelessly Control & monitor your solar street lights from anywhere via the internet.

Motion sensors d
Motion Sensors

Only light when needed, we can integrate microwave motion sensors into our solar lights.

On off d

A simple yet useful feature, take control of your solar light manually with an On/Off switch.

Charging station d
Charging Stations

We offer solar-powered USB charging stations as an extra product feature.

Tilt base d
Tilt base option

Save time & money during the light installation with a tilt-base pole.

Paint coatings available in all RAL colours with matt & glossy finishes

All our products are electrostatically painted for a very long-lasting paint and protection, custom paint subject to minimum order.